Monday, August 9, 2010

my video: obama message booed at the boy scout national jamboree 2010

If anyone was wondering what the situation looked like in my video, this is it:

It all goes back  more than a year when a group of scout masters came to our troop meeting with a promotional video for the 2010 National Jamboree in Fort AP Hill Virginia. In the video was a scene of former President George W. Bush making his address to the scouts at the last Jamboree years earlier. This got me very exited. Although not at all a supporter of the President's policies at the time, I thought that it would be a tremendous, once in a life-time experience  to see the President live, with the Boy Scouts of America.

Apparently, I didn't get the message that he would be taping an episode of The View (that had been planned for months) and  he would not be attending the National Jamboree. Neither did everyone else. I do have to applaud the BSA for not taking the bait and making a big deal out of him not coming and denouncing him.  Something like that would only lead to trouble with today's media.

Many of us were eagerly awaiting the President's address at the first arena show.  Then we "got real" and realized that the President was never coming, instead we would get the Secretary of Defense. I really had nothing against the secretary, an Eagle Scout himself. His speech was very sincere, second only to Mike Rowe's speech. We heard nothing from the President in those first few days. By that time, thanks to the leader's smart phones we got the news that the President would be fundraising and taping The View instead of coming to our 100th anniversary. At the second arena show we got the President's message on one of the big screens. What can be seen and heard in the video is as follows: many, not all, of us started to boo and hiss at the President's address for a verity of reasons, while I was fumbling with my camera trying to get it on its video setting. Most of us were upset that he went on The View instead of the ONE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF SCOUTING!!! Then again it is The View, I guess the  President couldn't reschedule.

I hope this post will defuse the situation a little and help people to understand what exactly happened.